• Virtual Field Day

    The Virtual Field Day is an online, alternative Pre-K through 8th grade field day that contains 12 Minute to Win it Challenges. These movement-based activities will provide your students with a fun, yet challenging opportunity to participate in a new type of field day experience. This resource offers a Virtual Field Day document, 12 challenge activities, student rules and video submission information, along with equipment needs, teacher notes and scoring suggestions for each challenge. You can simply show my videos and use my scores or recreate your own videos and scoring. You can download it in a Word document so that you can modify, cut and paste, and basically do what you need to fit your program's needs. Minute to Win it Challenges: A video will be posted to provide you with the rules, equipment needed and a demonstration of how to perform each challenge
    1. Tennis Racket Challenge
    2. Rope Jump Challenge
    3. Frisbee Throw Challenge
    4. Rundown Challenge
    5. Basketball Shooting Challenge
    6. Marshmallow Move Challenge
    7. Penny Tower Challenge
    8. Bottle Flip Challenge
    9. Hoop in and out Challenge
    10. Wall Ball Challenge
    11. Grocery Bag Juggle Challenge
    12. Cartwheel Challenge
    13. Bonus: badges for every event that can be emailed
  • Concentration Stations!                                                                          K-2 OBJECTIVE: Based on the classic matching card game of Concentration, Concentration Stations will help reinforce various challenge and manipulative skills to help students focus and concentrate. Google https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concentration_(card_game) to learn how to play the original game.
  • As I approach the end of my career, I look back at my teaching evolution from being a scared, young educator, with no idea how to really teach children, to a veteran author-teacher-mentor who truly loves the physical education profession. None of which would be possible if it had not been for the passionate teachers who came before me and shared with me their joy and expertise. If you have ever tried any of my games or participated in any of my staff development/workshops, I pray that you saw my heart for physical education and children and that my passion came across through what I shared and presented. So, it is with great joy to share with you my final publication, PE2theMax's Greatest Hits: Games Created to Maximize Skills, Participation, Teamwork, and Fun! Although it was extremely hard, I went back through all six of my books and selected my all-time favorite, most popular creations to share with you in one edition. As a bonus, I have also included six of my latest game creations that I think you will enjoy. A book full of my all-time favorite games and activities designed with play and fun with a PURPOSE. A wonderful guide to help enhance any physical education program by providing activities to be implemented as stand-alone lessons or as follow up activities to reinforce a particular learning target(s). PE2theMax's Greatest Hits includes 145 pages to help guide you toward greater success in your physical education program and most importantly, students having lots of fun in the gym. This resource provides invigorating and challenging activities for classes of all sizes, resulting in minimal discipline problems and maximum participation. All games and activities are classroom-tested and have been used successfully with children ages 4 to 13. They maximize participation and ensure that every child is provided with numerous opportunities for success while learning basic fitness-, sport-, and academic-related skills. Now let’s play!
  • Ecstatic Bowling Image

    EcSTATIC Bowling

    OBJECTIVE: EcSTATIC Bowling is the advanced and more competitive version from the original game of EcSTATIC. Teams will race to complete the cooperative bowling and static balance challenges. AND as a bonus, holding static poses is great for building core strength!


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