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  • Course: Researching and Implementing New, Physical Education Games and Teaching Strategies to Maximize Skills, Participation, Teamwork, and Fun Course Dates: Ongoing Cost: $169.00 Credit: 15 hours Instructor: J.D. Hughes, Elem. PE Specialist (25+ years), author of 6 books, National PE Consultant, M.Ed, Ed.S & National Board Cert., Ga./Southern District SHAPE TOY Assignments and Highlights:
    • Research and view up to 150+ games, strategies, and videos for the purpose of lesson plan enhancement and curriculum development.
    • Complete a 1-hour Q&A session through Zoom/Google Classroom with the Instructor.
    Who Should Take? K-12 physical education teachers or Recreation leaders. Course Purpose/Description: Researching quality games and strategies to fit any physical educators particular program needs requires endless hours of study and investigation. This course was developed to reward credit hours for the investment it takes to create a quality physical education program. The teacher will research lessons, games, and strategies that:
    • strengthen your students’ self-worth and self-esteem, while building their physical and social skills through movement.
    • minimize discipline problems and maximize participation.
    • ensure every student is provided a fun, engaging experience with numerous opportunities to succeed while learning basic fitness- and sport-related skills.
    • focus special emphasis on academic integration by tying into popular common-core based themes (money, clock/time recognition along with map reading skills and learning states and capitals).
    • teach cooperation and encourage teamwork.
    Benefits: research website material and conduct Q&A session at your own pace and schedule. What you will get out of the course:
    • 1-year Platinum Membership at https://pe2themax.com/product/platinum/
    • The ability to work at your own pace while researching games/ideas to strengthen your program
    • 15 hours of Professional Development (Check with your principal or PD Coordinator – Acceptance of the 15 Hour PD Certificate is at the discretion of the receiving institution).
    • 15-hour Certificate of Completion
    What you will need to take the course: Access to the Internet using a computer and/or tablet and ability to view videos and PDF files. Email me for a downloadable copy of the information you will need to know once you are registered. Special Note: this course is not about reading and studying for a test or turning in an assignment. You will be able to take your time and enjoy the process of researching to find games and ideas to strengthen your education program. Have questions or want to learn more? Contact J.D. Hughes at 770-778-4514 (cell) or pe2themax@bellsouth.net (email)
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