Concentration Stations game of challenges and manipulative skills


Concentration Stations!                                                                          K-2

OBJECTIVE: Based on the classic matching card game of Concentration, Concentration Stations will help reinforce various challenge and manipulative skills to help students focus and concentrate. Google to learn how to play the original game.


Set up one of the four challenges inside each quadrant (See Diagram for set up). The four challenges will be:

  • Complete 30 rope jumps
  • Create a tower of 6 buckets (see picture in diagram)
  • Complete 1 cone flip
  • Complete 30 small paddle volleys
  • See Figures 5-7 for examples of three Concentration Stations

The object of the game is to successfully complete a challenge to earn chances to turn up one card to eventually find each cards match. To Begin: all students may choose to go to any quadrant to perform a challenge. The goal at each station is to successfully complete that station’s challenge. Successfully completing a challenge allows each player the ability to go and turn over one Concentration card to leave it face up (See Figure 2). Each player will scan the floor to look at all of the faced up cards to try and find its match (See Figure 3 for example of a match). Players, once a match is found, will place the matches into the team bucket (See Figure 4). Players may go to the station of their choice at any time. Play continues until all matches have been found. Return the cards and spread the cards out again before starting a new round.


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