OBJECTIVE: Grinchmas will be one of your go-to favorites to get your students into the holiday spirit. Co-authored with my great friend and colleague Butch Soles, Grinchmas was birthed out of the games Stack Attack and Blockheads from PE²: Double the Physical + Double the Education = Double the Fun (2011), Grinchmas is an ideal game to help students practice and improve throwing and bowling for accuracy, and offensive and defensive strategy. Grinchmas combines the art of cup/bucket stacking, the strategy, and tactics incorporated in offense and defense, the skill of throwing and bowling to hit various targets, along with the “never give up” attitude it takes to be successful.

SCENARIO: The grumpy, old Mr. Grinch and his Grinch relatives are back at it once again to try and take away the joy of Christmas by stealing the children’s presents and destroying all of the Christmas trees! It is up to the children of Arborville to save Christmas by sending all of the Christmas presents back down the chimney and returning the Christmas trees to all of the families of Arborville.