Virtual Field Day with 12 Minute to Win it Challenges


Virtual Field Day

The Virtual Field Day is an online, alternative Pre-K through 8th grade field day that contains 12 Minute to Win it Challenges. These movement-based activities will provide your students with a fun, yet challenging opportunity to participate in a new type of field day experience. This resource offers a Virtual Field Day document, 12 challenge activities, student rules and video submission information, along with equipment needs, teacher notes and scoring suggestions for each challenge. You can simply show my videos and use my scores or recreate your own videos and scoring. You can download it in a Word document so that you can modify, cut and paste, and basically do what you need to fit your program’s needs.

Minute to Win it Challenges: A video will be posted to provide you with the rules, equipment needed and a demonstration of how to perform each challenge

  1. Tennis Racket Challenge
  2. Rope Jump Challenge
  3. Frisbee Throw Challenge
  4. Rundown Challenge
  5. Basketball Shooting Challenge
  6. Marshmallow Move Challenge
  7. Penny Tower Challenge
  8. Bottle Flip Challenge
  9. Hoop in and out Challenge
  10. Wall Ball Challenge
  11. Grocery Bag Juggle Challenge
  12. Cartwheel Challenge
  13. Bonus: badges for every event that can be emailed


Sample email or handout of Virtual Field Day News Flash!

Exciting news from Coach Hughes! This year, we will be participating in a Virtual Field Day. Everything is VIRTUAL nowadays… why not our Field Day? And why just have one day of field day when we can have multiple days?

Carefully read this packet to learn EVERYTHING you will need to know, collect and do to participate in the virtual field day. I will be uploading videos of me performing each of the 1-minute challenges. Make sure to watch each video, listen to my instructions, and see me perform each 1-minute challenge, to determine if you would like to try the challenge and then obtain your highest score, possibly even beating my score. Take as many attempts as you want to try and achieve your highest score.

How do you earn a badge? You must send your video to the email provided (with your parent’s permission) of you performing the skill so that I can watch it and determine your score. I will review each video submission you send in to determine if you earned a bronze, silver, gold or “You Win” virtual badge.

You can send new videos if you beat any of your old scores. I will email your badge as soon as possible. Get ready because there is no telling what this old man can do skill wise. Are you up for the challenges? I look forward to viewing your submissions. What badges will you earn… Bronze, Silver, Gold or the ultimate achievement of “You Beat the Coach?”


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