• Download this free 6 page pdf to provide you with the Lesson Plan Scope I use for My Physical Education Program. This Scope includes the Skills Development/area of focus of the game, it's recommended grade level along with what book you can find it in and the page number. Due to length of my school year, the Lesson Plan Scope does not include every game or activity that I've ever written in all 7 books. I've basically selected all of my favorite games and lessons that I can fit into my calendar year. Thanks for checking it out ;)
  • The flash drive contains 99 instructional videos featuring a student or students demonstrating how to successfully perform various Balloon, Scarf, Ball Handling, Pool Noodle and Super 70 Ball skills. Each video lasts between 5-30 seconds and was created to take the guess work out of teaching these skills, increase movement time due to less demonstration time, and provide a visually accurate example to show other students how to safely perform each skill. Please click on the video below to get an idea of what the kids will see. https://drive.google.com/file/d/13_dc4zJ6cSdayUW_caTbfhVjcWOrZfcF/view?usp=sharing

    What you get with your purchase: A flash drive with the following.....

    • 14 Partner Balloon Skills How-to Videos
    • 21 Scarf Skills How-to Videos
    • 25 Ball Handling How-to Videos
    • 12 Partner Noodle Skills How-to Videos
    • 27 Super 70 Ball Skills How-to Videos
    • 5 Lesson Plans/Additional Activities
    • 2 Teacher How-to videos and Teacher skills list for each lesson, identifying the progression of skills to be performed

  • The flash drive contains 70 instructional videos featuring a student or students demonstrating how to successfully perform various gymnastics and scooter skills. Each video lasts between 5-20 seconds and was created to take the guess work out of teaching these skills, increase movement time due to less demonstration time, and provide a visually accurate example to show other students how to safely perform each skill. Please click on the video below to get an idea of what the kids will see.   


    What you get with your purchase: A flash drive with the following.....

    • 43 Gymnastics Skills How-to Videos
    • 27 Scooter Skills How-to Videos
    • Gymnastics and Scooter Skills Lesson Plans
    • Teacher skills list for each unit, identifying the appropriate progression of skills to be performed


  • What you get with your purchase: A flash drive full of what I have created over the last 29+ years as an elementary physical education teacher...
    1. No Standing Around in My Gym: Lesson Plans, Games, & Tips for Physical Education eBook (151 pages)
    2. PE2theMax: Maximize Skills, Participation, Teamwork, and Fun eBook (100 pages)
    3. Pe2theMax II: Stepping up the "Game" in Physical Education eBook (93 pages)
    4. PE²: Double the Physical + Double the Education = Double the Fun eBook (95 pages)
    5. HyPEd Up! Taking Physical Education Games to the Next Level! eBook (120 pages)
    6. HyPEd Up II! Physical Education Games to the Max! eBook (120 pages)
    7. PE2theMax's Greatest Hits: Games Created to Maximize Skills, Participation, Teamwork, and Fun eBook (145 pages)
    8. 130 printable Essential Questions and word wall signs
    9. Color artwork templates in pdf format to use and/or post on the wall of many of my most popular games:
      1. Stay Composed
      2. cooPEration Challenges
      3. Dice Daze
      4. Dynamic Duo Challenges
      5. EcSTATIC Poses
      6. NBAced It
      7. PaceMaker II Art
      8. Trick of Treasure
      9. What's in Your Piggy Bank Coins and Money art
      10. Guess Who Pirates
  • As I approach the end of my career, I look back at my teaching evolution from being a scared, young educator, with no idea how to really teach children, to a veteran author-teacher-mentor who truly loves the physical education profession. None of which would be possible if it had not been for the passionate teachers who came before me and shared with me their joy and expertise. If you have ever tried any of my games or participated in any of my staff development/workshops, I pray that you saw my heart for physical education and children and that my passion came across through what I shared and presented. So, it is with great joy to share with you my final publication, PE2theMax's Greatest Hits: Games Created to Maximize Skills, Participation, Teamwork, and Fun! Although it was extremely hard, I went back through all six of my books and selected my all-time favorite, most popular creations to share with you in one edition. As a bonus, I have also included six of my latest game creations that I think you will enjoy. A book full of my all-time favorite games and activities designed with play and fun with a PURPOSE. A wonderful guide to help enhance any physical education program by providing activities to be implemented as stand-alone lessons or as follow up activities to reinforce a particular learning target(s). PE2theMax's Greatest Hits includes 145 pages to help guide you toward greater success in your physical education program and most importantly, students having lots of fun in the gym. This is the 7th and final book in my 7 book series. This resource provides invigorating and challenging activities for classes of all sizes, resulting in minimal discipline problems and maximum participation. All games and activities are classroom-tested and have been used successfully with children ages 4 to 13. They maximize participation and ensure that every child is provided with numerous opportunities for success while learning basic fitness-, sport-, and academic-related skills. Now let’s play!
  • OBJECTIVE: An invigorating, fast-paced scooter board game that will reinforce and improve communication teamwork, and sight word spelling skills.
  • Concentration Stations!                                                                          K-2 OBJECTIVE: Based on the classic matching card game of Concentration, Concentration Stations will help reinforce various challenge and manipulative skills to help students focus and concentrate. Google https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concentration_(card_game) to learn how to play the original game.
  • Course: Researching and Implementing New, Physical Education Games and Teaching Strategies to Maximize Skills, Participation, Teamwork, and Fun Course Dates: Ongoing Cost: $175.00 Credit: 15 hours Instructor: J.D. Hughes, Elem. PE Specialist (27+ years), author of 7 books, National PE Consultant, M.Ed, Ed.S & National Board Cert., Ga./Southern District SHAPE TOY Assignments and Highlights:
    • Research and view up to 150+ games, strategies, and videos for the purpose of lesson plan enhancement and curriculum development.
    • Complete a 1-hour Q&A session through Zoom/Google Classroom with the Instructor.
    Who Should Take? K-12 physical education teachers or Recreation leaders. Course Purpose/Description: Researching quality games and strategies to fit any physical educators particular program needs requires endless hours of study and investigation. This course was developed to reward credit hours for the investment it takes to create a quality physical education program. The teacher will research lessons, games, and strategies that:
    • strengthen your students’ self-worth and self-esteem, while building their physical and social skills through movement.
    • minimize discipline problems and maximize participation.
    • ensure every student is provided a fun, engaging experience with numerous opportunities to succeed while learning basic fitness- and sport-related skills.
    • focus special emphasis on academic integration by tying into popular common-core based themes (money, clock/time recognition along with map reading skills and learning states and capitals).
    • teach cooperation and encourage teamwork.
    Benefits: research website material and conduct Q&A session at your own pace and schedule. What you will get out of the course:
    • 1-year Platinum Membership at https://pe2themax.com/product/platinum/
    • The ability to work at your own pace while researching games/ideas to strengthen your program
    • 15 hours of Professional Development (Check with your principal or PD Coordinator – Acceptance of the 15 Hour PD Certificate is at the discretion of the receiving institution).
    • 15-hour Certificate of Completion
    What you will need to take the course: Access to the Internet using a computer and/or tablet and ability to view videos and PDF files. Email me for a downloadable copy of the information you will need to know once you are registered. Special Note: this course is not about reading and studying for a test or turning in an assignment. You will be able to take your time and enjoy the process of researching to find games and ideas to strengthen your education program. Have questions or want to learn more? Contact J.D. Hughes at 770-778-4514 (cell) or pe2themax@bellsouth.net (email)
  • Virtual Field Day

    The Virtual Field Day is an online, alternative Pre-K through 8th grade field day that contains 12 Minute to Win it Challenges. These movement-based activities will provide your students with a fun, yet challenging opportunity to participate in a new type of field day experience. This resource offers a Virtual Field Day document, 12 challenge activities, student rules and video submission information, along with equipment needs, teacher notes and scoring suggestions for each challenge. You can simply show my videos and use my scores or recreate your own videos and scoring. You can download it in a Word document so that you can modify, cut and paste, and basically do what you need to fit your program's needs. Minute to Win it Challenges: A video will be posted to provide you with the rules, equipment needed and a demonstration of how to perform each challenge
    1. Tennis Racket Challenge
    2. Rope Jump Challenge
    3. Frisbee Throw Challenge
    4. Rundown Challenge
    5. Basketball Shooting Challenge
    6. Marshmallow Move Challenge
    7. Penny Tower Challenge
    8. Bottle Flip Challenge
    9. Hoop in and out Challenge
    10. Wall Ball Challenge
    11. Grocery Bag Juggle Challenge
    12. Cartwheel Challenge
    13. Bonus: badges for every event that can be emailed
  • I’m excited to share with you my latest creation and 6th book of my 7 book series, HyPEd Up II! Physical Education Games to the Max. HyPEd Up II includes 25 new games with 100+ pages and TONS of diagrams and pictures. Being around children has taught me so many things over my 24+ years of teaching elementary physical education. I have embraced the notion that physical educators have a major impact on whether or not physically active children grow up to become physically active adults. With that thought in mind, I have asked myself numerous times… “at the end of the day, the end of the year, the end of my students’ elementary physical education experience, what is the number one outcome I want each child to take away from their time with me?” There are MANY learning outcomes and targets that I establish within my physical education curriculum. However, if I had to choose one overall outcome, it would have to be that all children would leave realizing that movement is FUN and that they want movement to be a part of their lives forever. Ultimately, my goal for each child is that they come to the conclusion that they will not be fully content in life unless they are actively pursuing lifelong fitness. It is my pleasure to present to you HyPEd Up II! Physical Education Games to the Max! A book of games and activities designed with play and fun with a PURPOSE. This book is a guide to enhancing any physical education program by giving the teacher suggestions of activities to be implemented as stand-alone activities or as follow up activities to reinforce a particular learning target(s).
  • Objective: All students will actively engage in the mysterious game of Trick or Treasure because what is unveiled could be a trick or could be a treasure. Trick or Treasure provides a fun, high-energy outlet for students to reinforce fitness skills, strategy and deception.
  • OBJECTIVE: In “The Rivalry”, students will have fun facing various opponents in this friendly competition among teams who are trying to defeat their rivals. Each team will compete against other teams by playing Rock, Paper, Scissors or rolling dice to collect points or to perform exercises in order to win The Rivalry.
  • OBJECTIVE: Did you know that there is a group of tiny, but sneaky invaders that can make your bodies sick? These invaders, called germs are lurking everywhere, ready to creep into your body without being noticed. Explore with your class as you share some facts about germs and how students can protect themselves from these tiny organisms. Grab your scooter and be prepared because the Germ Invasion is coming!
  • OBJECTIVE: Each student will partner up to form a Dynamic Duo. Each Dynamic Duo will be given many opportunities to demonstrate teamwork and communication in order to earn points by completing the silly, Dynamic Duo Challenges.
  • OBJECTIVE: Rapid Fire RPS (Rock, Paper, Scissors) is a fast-paced, exciting game, requiring a little strategy, luck and honesty. Rapid Fire RPS can be used as a warm up or full on game to integrate and reinforce jogging and walking as great forms of exercise.
  • OBJECTIVE: Quick Six is an aerobic-based game to be introduced as a fun, prerequisite to the PACER test or as a great activity to get students jogging. Teams must demonstrate persistence, perseverance and have a little luck in order to become the Quick Six champions.
  • OBJECTIVE: The game of Personal High Jinks is a team-based challenge that provides a great way to introduce personal hygiene, while reinforcing the skill of targeting, accuracy, and finesse with a little bit of perseverance and some silly high jinks.
  • OBJECTIVE: Derived from the original game of Pace Maker (PE2theMax by J.D. Hughes, 2005), the outrageously aerobic game of Pace Maker II reinforces the concept of pacing and its importance in physical activity, while introducing and reinforcing various locomotor skills.
  • OBJECTIVE: According to www.dictionary.com, noodling means to improvise, experiment, or think creatively. Come take an imaginary trip, Noodling through Time as students explore, develop and improve ways to manipulate a foam noodle. Students will practice visual tracking, throwing for accuracy, balance, noodle control, catching and teamwork skills using foam noodles. Today we are going to get into our time machine and travel all over the world to the past, present and future. Our noodle will change into something different everywhere we travel. We will not know what the noodle becomes until we arrive to the new destination. It is now time to travel. Hold your noodle above your head and spin your body like a helicopter propeller as fast as you can. Ready and begin…..10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1……
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